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Our Location: North Coast Road, Mare Anglaise, Beau Vallon.
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Dive Sites & Maps

We organize dives to the dive sites with normal distance boat trips on a daily basis and the travel time to these sites usually takes no longer than 15 minutes. The dive sites with long distance boat trips around Mahe are visited whenever sea conditions are calm, under normal circumstances the travel time to these dive sites takes 20 to 45 minutes. The dive sites with extra long distance boat trips are visited whenever sea conditions are really calm, and we are able to reach these sites with an up to 45 minutes boat trip. The dive sites around the islands Praslin, La Digue are usually visited during our day trips.


Dive site maps and descriptions of our dive sites. Boat trip distances are marked as following: blue = normal green = long red = extra long Please see add-on costs in the price list.

Dive Sites with Normal Distance Boat Trips

1- I’ilot
2- North Point Rocks
3- Chuckles
4- Sunset Rocks
5- Gran Bazaar
6- Lapay Koray
7- Joker
8- Coral Garden
9- Aquarium
10- Fisherman’s Cove Reef
11- Koray Lekol
12- Twin Barges Wreck
13- Corsair Reef
14- Auberge Reef
15- Dredger Wreck
16- Danzille Rocks
17- Horse Shoe Rocks
18- Whale Rock
19- Aldebaran Wreck
20- Willie’s Rock
21- Ray’s Point
22- Bay Ternay Marine Park
23- Light House
24- Cap Matoopa

Dive Sites with Long & Extra Long Distance Boat Trips

25- Shark Bank
26- Conception Arena
27- Conception Rocks
28- Dan Milieu
29- Lo Bordaz
30- Bekin Bank
31- Sit Enler
32- Therese Rocks
33- Escalier
34- Trois Dame
35- Ile au Vaches
36- Trois Banc
37- Therese Reef
38- Takamaka Rock
39- Intendance Rocks
40- Lost City
41- Turtle Rock
42- Manis Bank
43- Marsoin
44- Harrison Rock
45- Beacon Rocks
46- Pinnacle Point
47- St. Anne Rocks
48- Las Kas
49- Toukoula
50- Koray Lewi
51- Dragons Teeth
52- Brissare Rocks
53- Feyte
54- Zoli Mem
55- Jackpot
56- Ennerdale Wreck
57- Mammelles Rocks

Dive sites with extra long distance boat trips and / or visited on full day trips to Praslin or La Digue

58- Biter Rock
59- De Tete
60- Blanchisseuse Rocks
61- Trompeuse Rocks
62- Booby Rock
63- Ave Maria
64- Coco Rocks
65- Marianne Rocks
66- South Marianne
67- Shark Rock

Dive sites with Extra Long Distance Boat Trips and / or visited on Full Day Trips to Silhouette Island

68- Fusilier Bank
69- Roche Lare
70- Roche Mondon
71- Point Dauban
72- Etienne Rocks
73- Grand Barbe
74- Lascars
75- Ramasse Tout

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of the Seychelles

More about the underwater landscape of the Seychelles, what to expect underwater and the
stories of the wrecks around Mahé is described in ‘Diving Seychelles’.
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